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This community is for fans of the BBC1 drama 'Hotel Babylon'

Although Hotel Babylon series two has finished, series three is due for broadcast early 2008 in the UK, and later on in the year for fans in Australia. [Please bear that in mind when posting spoilers for series 3.]

You are welcome to post fic, pictures, graphics, reviews, or anything you'd like - though please use LJ-cuts for anything that could be deemed spoilerific

To ensure a pleasant stay for all members, please:

Respect that people have differing opinions to yours. This doesn't make it wrong, it just makes for an interesting debate. Please don't flame another member just because you don't agree.

Write all posts in English with no text talk [excluding the obvious lol and omg etc] as not everyone speaks English as their first language, and 'tlk lyke dis' is just evil. Fact.

Uh. Please make all posts on topic, yeah - things go off on tangents once posted, but at least the first post should be on topic :P

Most of all - enjoy yourselves!

If you have any questions, please feel free to direct the to me on the comm, or at smickan[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Thank you for joining!

If you'd like to introduce yourself, please copy everything from the box below and fill it in :)